About the Story


About The Story

The Clopping Dead came about after I finished watching a decent run of the AMC series The Walking Dead. At the time I had just been getting into it AND MLP at the same time!

Being a fan of zombie movies for some time, starting with the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead and sampling each decent sounding zombie movie since, I was struck with an idea. I sat down and asked myself what I really enjoyed about the movies, and unlike some the undead are NOT the main draw to me. They are quite a device, but not my main interest. I’ve always been fascinated on how we as a society, mainly here in American, consider ourselves so technologically advanced, so superior to just about everything at times and yet in practically ALL Zombie settings, we completely fall apart. One single zombie outbreak takes a once content setting and turns it entirely upside down, destroying most of it faster then we could ever consider possible. The main horde of zombies is usually awful, but by far, not the worst element of that particular setting

It’s us. The survivors.

As civilized and above such barbaric behavior we claim to be, in practically every situation I’m presented with in fiction holds a common thread: The zombies may be the opening salvo, but the final nail in the coffin is how we destroy each other over resources, be they ammo, food or what have you. We do far more damage to each other then the zombies tend to.

So as I milled this in my head and watched our friend Rick sit in a tank as we pulled back into the skyline (the end of the first episode of the Walking Dead) the pieces slid into place and I asked aloud: What would that do to them?

A society like that in Equestria where hardship is usually fixed within a thirty minute period would have a heck of a time dealing with a zombie like epidemic. Especially since they are hyper tuned to the idea of caring, understanding, and all those wonderful other elements the Mane Six represent. But would it destroy them entirely?

Or would they adapt? Could magic solve it? Would Zombie Ponies be able to fly?

All these ideas swirled in my head and I began to envision Applejack in a ruin Ponyville, searching for food to bring back.

I set out to do two things, bring zombies to Equestria and have all the established characters left deal with the situation in a believable and non-canon breaking way. I hope I achieve both.

Tell me what YOU think!

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