Equestrian City

Equestrian City is a fan made universe built from the foundation laid forth by the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks movie. Entirely fan-made and not for profit, the works include Fanfiction, Comic pages, and an up and coming wikipedia. Made solely for fun and in no way is meant to take anything away from Hasbro or their parent or subsidiaries.


I’ve always been a fan of the Marvel “What If…” series and as I watched the end of Rainbow Rocks, I saw potential for a great “What if…”!

The premise behind it is simple: what if the Equestrian Girl Universe was introduced super powers?

The ending of Rainbow Rocks changes ever so slightly in that a massive explosion known as The Event occurs when the Magic of Friendship collides with the Dark Magic of the Sirens at a Dimensional Portal. The resulting explosion tears a hole in the dimensional barrier between the Multiverses. The waves of magic and energy pulse from the epicenter and across the bay to the unnamed city. In this timeline its named Equestrian City.

A mixture of Superhero and the characters set forth in the Equestria Girls universe, the rich world of Equestrian City will slowly grow into what is hoped to be a rich fan project.

Currently PonyThinkTank.Com is housing most of the links for Equestrian City. Consider this a table of contents:


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